I was approached by the Mama of this family to do her almost 18 month old's pictures in June.  It was a little close to my own daughters birth for me to feel comfortable, so I suggested waiting until the end of July early August.  Thankfully she accepted and I got to meet and work with this awesome and beautiful family!

The little guy was ever so sweet and totally in love with his Mommy and Daddy.  It's so awesome being able to capture a family interacting the way they did.  I had asked his Mom before the shoot if there was anything he really loved at the moment, she responded boats!  Thankfully we live near a lake and have lots of boats.  I also purchased a few fun wooden boats for him to play with in the water, TOTAL HIT!!!

We almost had to cancel this session do to weather but thankfully we just pushed it back some and got some really lovely memories captured.  I really had a great time and they were awesome letting me do my thing and photograph them.  

I also have to give major props to his Grandma who came and really helped get some great smiles out of him.  I am sure having some stranger behind a huge camera is pretty intimidating to a little kid, thankfully she was there and we didn't miss a beat.

Totally has his Daddy's smile.
Whenever a boat passed time sort of stood still while he watched, it was the cutest thing ever.
He has THE longest eye lashes I have ever seen! I really wanted to capture them.
AND I really couldn't help myself on this one, cutest little bump I ever did see! If I was promised to look like this I would so do it again!

Deb Welle
09/13/2013 10:42am

These photos are awesome!


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