As most of you know we welcomed a new baby into the family on June 29, 2013.  We specifically requested the date as it is both my Grandmother (Eleanor) and my husbands late Grandmother's (Annette) birthday.  What we did not know was the gender of our little bundle of joy.  Our older two girls were pretty clear they wanted a boy and it would be named Luke.  

My very clever husband named our first daughter Clara, CL from Clint (his name) and ARA from Barbara (mine).  We knew if we were to have a girl the third time on our Grandmothers' Birthday we would name the baby after them, what we couldn't decide on was a nickname.  Clever hubby to the rescue again, came up with NORA, and it fits her perfectly!

I have been very intrigued by birth I set my very capable husband up with settings on my camera and let him do all the work.  The first two are pretty tasteful pictures that I am so happy to have of our little Nora being born!

Also below are pictures from the past 10 weeks (has it really been that long) with our sweet little Nora!  

You'll be seeing a lot more of this little girl in the future along with her older sisters!  Now that the weather is changing and we will be inside most of the time I can do a bit more editing of the thousands of family pictures I have yet to go thru!!!  Maybe next post will be in color ;-) 

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