Please welcome little Isaac Peter!!!  

I approached this little guys Mom about doing a photo shoot when he arrived, and I am so glad I got to meet him at 4 days old.  I look at pictures of him now at 4.5 weeks and it is amazing how fast little ones grow.

Isaac's Mom was due a couple weeks before myself and it proved to be a perfect time for me to do one last session before my own little one arrived.  It has just taken me a little longer to blog than I would have liked.

This little guy was an absolute gem!  He slept the ENTIRE time, and I do mean the entire time!  I am so lucky to have been invited into his parents home and allowed to photograph him because he has the best little cheeks.  They were so squishy and kissable, and I am sure his parents just can't get enough of him.  I know I fully enjoyed the snuggle time and it got me super excited to meet my little one.

Thank you so much for letting me into your home and letting me photograph your very precious 4 day old.  Here are a few of my favorite of the little man!

How could you not want to kiss those little cheeks?
Seriously, those cheeks!!!! I love kissable cheeks and I may have snuck a little kiss...I hope his Mama didn't mind :-)
Isaac placed his own finger on his hat and I just couldn't help leaving it there for a few frames. Hat by Beelicous Honey Farms. Here is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beelicious-Honey-Farms/192613227487916
We were lucky enough to use some pretty awesome hats that his Auntie had made! Check her out at https://www.facebook.com/pages/R-R-Designs/133431720056650
I love this little smirk. I am a little partial to dimples and you can totally see his little dimple. Heartbreaker in training!
Totally comfy!
Such a happy little guy. From what I hear he is just as content at 4.5 weeks old as he was on this day!

07/11/2013 1:51pm

THANK YOU BARB!!! I love them all :) You did a great job at capturing one of his "best" features...his CHEEKS!!! Love them.

Trina Parsons
07/11/2013 6:02pm

Barb, you did a great job, these pictures are so great they have a lot of personality!!!!!

07/11/2013 9:26pm

Awe!! I love getting to see more of his shots! Great job Barbie!! And of course such an adorable little model!


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