I recently had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family.  We had discussed what types of photography was really liked and then I set to work...researching, practicing, researching some more and practicing some more.  My own children very well may be scarred from all the practice sessions I did with them.  We had decided on a more back lit type style with some lifestyle mixed in, which is perfect because these are really my own passions.

I set the goal for myself to "knock this one out of the ballpark" and I wanted to make it difficult for the the family to choose which photographs they wanted on their wall...it worked because I had difficulty when it came time to narrowing down the gallery.  There were so many adorable photographs I just couldn't NOT edit them!!!

As I learned in my college softball playing days, hard work pays off!  I can hardly take credit for how adorable and gorgeous this family is...but I think I did a pretty good job capturing on "film" just how gorgeous they are and some priceless memories that are sure to fade over the next many years.  I think this family's Mom said it best when she said "So many days go by where we are just trying to 'survive'...I feel like in 20 years I may look back at these years and they will be such a BLUR.",   I hope these photographs will prove to be timeless and priceless well beyond 20 years!!!

So without any further blabbering here is a quick peak at what we did last Sunday evening:

PictureI wanted to do a special Daddy and sons photograph that was really emotive and would be timeless. It's not exactly as I had envisioned but I think its better and I LOVE the shadows of all 4 of them!

PictureThis little guy has the most amazing eyes and if your lucky enough to catch a smile it will melt your heart!

PictureThis photograph really spoke to me because I think it really captured this little guy being independent...yet checking back to make sure he was being watched.

PictureThe two older boys were really having a blast on the old tricycles.


The GORGEOUS family all together!!!!


AND one of my favorite from the session...
how adorable are they?!?!??!

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