Please meet the Lee's!!!

I was asked to do a session with this beautiful family earlier this fall.  We had so much fun during the session and I got to see her adorable boys riding their dirt bikes all over.  It's pretty impressive watching these little dudes!!!

It was such a lovely evening and this family has such a beautiful home, I feel blessed to have been invited over for their family pictures.  Here are some of my most favorite from evening.

This little guy was so teeny tiny and looks just like one of his older brothers.  His mom called me and asked for a specific shot that she has of the other 4 siblings.  I think we were able to recreate it despite Emerson playing a lot of hide and seek on us.

Little Emerson gave us a bit of a run for our money and decided that he was in charge and just wasn't going to fall into a deep sleep.  We still managed to get some gorgeous shots and as you will see he has some beautiful blue eyes.  His older siblings love, love, love him and were pretty adorable peeking in thru the windows during his photo shoot! 

It was so nice to be able to chit chat and take pictures of this little guy.  I know I certainly enjoyed being able to talk and get advice on dealing with my youngsters from this mom of 5.
I love his little smile here!
How sweet is this? He likes to fall asleep holding his mommy's hand.
Ok, so I can't take any credit for the title to this post as it's one of this lovely lady's social media names, but it's pretty cute right?!?

This session has been in the works since March and it was well worth the wait.  Summer took a little while to get here and then disappeared for most of July and August, but we were fortunate to have a very lovely and warm ending to August.

Molly is absolutely beautiful and it was such a joy to work with her.  She was quite patient with me on my first senior session.

Here are some of my favorites from the session.
As soon as I converted this picture to black and white I fell in love with it. Some pictures are just destined to be in color while others are made to be black and white!
Girls best friend!
I was so excited and thrilled to take pictures for this mom and family.

A very talented photographer herself I was pretty nervous to be taking their pictures.  Sarah and family were super patient with me and allowed me to just snap away while they interacted.  We had the same vision of how we wanted the session to and it was so fun to not only bring it to life but to capture it for her and her family.

On a personal note we as a family have been very blesses to call the Homme's (and extended family) close friends.  It's never easy moving half way across the country (1700 miles from any family or longtime friends); but they have welcomed us and invited us to family holidays and gatherings.  These families are truly beautiful inside and out!  It's times like this I feel very lucky to have chosen Warroad, MN 6.5 years ago.
One of my favorite images that I have ever taken!
This is gorgeous in color too!!! It's one of those imperfectly perfect photographs.
I was approached by the Mama of this family to do her almost 18 month old's pictures in June.  It was a little close to my own daughters birth for me to feel comfortable, so I suggested waiting until the end of July early August.  Thankfully she accepted and I got to meet and work with this awesome and beautiful family!

The little guy was ever so sweet and totally in love with his Mommy and Daddy.  It's so awesome being able to capture a family interacting the way they did.  I had asked his Mom before the shoot if there was anything he really loved at the moment, she responded boats!  Thankfully we live near a lake and have lots of boats.  I also purchased a few fun wooden boats for him to play with in the water, TOTAL HIT!!!

We almost had to cancel this session do to weather but thankfully we just pushed it back some and got some really lovely memories captured.  I really had a great time and they were awesome letting me do my thing and photograph them.  

I also have to give major props to his Grandma who came and really helped get some great smiles out of him.  I am sure having some stranger behind a huge camera is pretty intimidating to a little kid, thankfully she was there and we didn't miss a beat.

Totally has his Daddy's smile.
Whenever a boat passed time sort of stood still while he watched, it was the cutest thing ever.
He has THE longest eye lashes I have ever seen! I really wanted to capture them.
AND I really couldn't help myself on this one, cutest little bump I ever did see! If I was promised to look like this I would so do it again!
As most of you know we welcomed a new baby into the family on June 29, 2013.  We specifically requested the date as it is both my Grandmother (Eleanor) and my husbands late Grandmother's (Annette) birthday.  What we did not know was the gender of our little bundle of joy.  Our older two girls were pretty clear they wanted a boy and it would be named Luke.  

My very clever husband named our first daughter Clara, CL from Clint (his name) and ARA from Barbara (mine).  We knew if we were to have a girl the third time on our Grandmothers' Birthday we would name the baby after them, what we couldn't decide on was a nickname.  Clever hubby to the rescue again, came up with NORA, and it fits her perfectly!

I have been very intrigued by birth I set my very capable husband up with settings on my camera and let him do all the work.  The first two are pretty tasteful pictures that I am so happy to have of our little Nora being born!

Also below are pictures from the past 10 weeks (has it really been that long) with our sweet little Nora!  

You'll be seeing a lot more of this little girl in the future along with her older sisters!  Now that the weather is changing and we will be inside most of the time I can do a bit more editing of the thousands of family pictures I have yet to go thru!!!  Maybe next post will be in color ;-) 

Please welcome little Isaac Peter!!!  

I approached this little guys Mom about doing a photo shoot when he arrived, and I am so glad I got to meet him at 4 days old.  I look at pictures of him now at 4.5 weeks and it is amazing how fast little ones grow.

Isaac's Mom was due a couple weeks before myself and it proved to be a perfect time for me to do one last session before my own little one arrived.  It has just taken me a little longer to blog than I would have liked.

This little guy was an absolute gem!  He slept the ENTIRE time, and I do mean the entire time!  I am so lucky to have been invited into his parents home and allowed to photograph him because he has the best little cheeks.  They were so squishy and kissable, and I am sure his parents just can't get enough of him.  I know I fully enjoyed the snuggle time and it got me super excited to meet my little one.

Thank you so much for letting me into your home and letting me photograph your very precious 4 day old.  Here are a few of my favorite of the little man!

How could you not want to kiss those little cheeks?
Seriously, those cheeks!!!! I love kissable cheeks and I may have snuck a little kiss...I hope his Mama didn't mind :-)
Isaac placed his own finger on his hat and I just couldn't help leaving it there for a few frames. Hat by Beelicous Honey Farms. Here is their Facebook page:
We were lucky enough to use some pretty awesome hats that his Auntie had made! Check her out at
I love this little smirk. I am a little partial to dimples and you can totally see his little dimple. Heartbreaker in training!
Totally comfy!
Such a happy little guy. From what I hear he is just as content at 4.5 weeks old as he was on this day!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family.  We had discussed what types of photography was really liked and then I set to work...researching, practicing, researching some more and practicing some more.  My own children very well may be scarred from all the practice sessions I did with them.  We had decided on a more back lit type style with some lifestyle mixed in, which is perfect because these are really my own passions.

I set the goal for myself to "knock this one out of the ballpark" and I wanted to make it difficult for the the family to choose which photographs they wanted on their worked because I had difficulty when it came time to narrowing down the gallery.  There were so many adorable photographs I just couldn't NOT edit them!!!

As I learned in my college softball playing days, hard work pays off!  I can hardly take credit for how adorable and gorgeous this family is...but I think I did a pretty good job capturing on "film" just how gorgeous they are and some priceless memories that are sure to fade over the next many years.  I think this family's Mom said it best when she said "So many days go by where we are just trying to 'survive'...I feel like in 20 years I may look back at these years and they will be such a BLUR.",   I hope these photographs will prove to be timeless and priceless well beyond 20 years!!!

So without any further blabbering here is a quick peak at what we did last Sunday evening:

PictureI wanted to do a special Daddy and sons photograph that was really emotive and would be timeless. It's not exactly as I had envisioned but I think its better and I LOVE the shadows of all 4 of them!

PictureThis little guy has the most amazing eyes and if your lucky enough to catch a smile it will melt your heart!

PictureThis photograph really spoke to me because I think it really captured this little guy being independent...yet checking back to make sure he was being watched.

PictureThe two older boys were really having a blast on the old tricycles.


The GORGEOUS family all together!!!!


AND one of my favorite from the session...
how adorable are they?!?!??!

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Welcome to BLP Photography's Blog!!!

I recently had a gorgeous family session that I will blog about very soon.

In the meantime I am going to share some images I took of my own children one of my last days of editing that session.  They were playing very nice and in their room when all of a sudden I heard running and a huge commotion.  I went to check on them and found they had brought the tent onto my bed.  I pulled open the shades and snapped a few pictures.  I know one day I will look at these and smile thinking about how little they were at one time!

As I am sure you can tell they were having a blast and didn't care that they were still in PJ's at noon and hadn't been outside to play yet!!!  


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